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Learn How To Use LinkedIn To Generate New Leads and Effectively Promote Your Business ...

How to Use LinkedIn for Business is a question many people have. With more than 225 million business people signed up and over 12 million members in the UK alone and rising, LinkedIn is now the worlds #1 business networking platform, but very few people know how to utilize this powerful tool properly.

If you’re not properly taking advantage of LinkedIn to build your brand, land new business and increase your profit potential, then you need to start now.  This online course will show you how to propel your business forward and unlock its full potential. 

The question you need to ask yourself is – can your business really afford to ignore the incredible networking power of LinkedIn? Just how many potential clients will you miss out on, how much business will you lose, and how much money will you be leaving on the table if you pass up this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn?

An Essential Platform For Your Business

Right now, LinkedIn is growing at the truly staggering rate, one new user per second, its importance in the business world is growing by the day. This is your chance to discover how to extract maximum results from LinkedIn and get the competitive advantage you need, so you can propel your business forward and unlock its true potential.

When you know how to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the number of companies that bring their business straight to you.

Course Programme

  • LinkedIn’s Role Within Social Media
  • Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn
  • Positioning You & Your Business
  • Making The Most Of Your Network
  • Driving Targeted Traffic
  • Plus... Advanced Tips

About Your Instructor

Andrew Davis is one of the world’s leading authorities on digital and social media. He founded The Worst Kept Secret in 2009, which delivers bespoke training courses and workshops designed to help UK businesses market themselves through social media.

Having started out moderating online forums and chat rooms for brands such as Sony PlayStation, Pop Idol, Friends Reunited and Liverpool Football Club, Andrew’s rise in the world of digital media has been a meteoric one.

Having played a leading role in launching two of the UK’s most influential media brands targeting the youth market, BBC 1Xtra and MySpace, Andrew’s success within digital was recognised when he became the only person to make it onto the list for both Media Week’s ‘30 Under 30′ (a listing of influential young media professionals) and Broadcast Magazine’s ‘Hot Shots’ (a selection of media insiders tipped for future success).

His work at MySpace in community development and digital marketing also led to his inclusion in the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Minority Report’ – a shortlist of the Top 30 ethnic minority contributors to British media. Furthermore, Andrew is credited with creating and delivering ‘Social Media Fundamentals’ – the UK’s first social media course for secondary school students that was linked to GCSE study.

As a Director and social media trainer at The Worst Kept Secret, Andrew has helped many businesses and individuals as diverse as Kiss, Paramount, MTV, HSBC, Edexcel, Magic FM, Goldsmiths University, Channel 4, Media Trust, amongst others, to market themselves online and build their brand via a variety of social media channels.

In short, there is no one in the UK who knows more about the power of social media and the crucial role it now plays in the business world.

Course Participant Feedback:

" Having very little knowledge of using LinkedIn, I found the course extremely helpful and look forward to using the techniques shown to improve our company profile and contact list."  - Mark Villiers

" Really enjoyed the course. Andrew helped to make LinkedIn an understandable topic and so I feel more comfortable about utilising it. He was helpful and responded/answered all questions well. Great course Andrew, thank you"  - Clare Fuller

" I didn't realise how valuable LinkedIn was to me until I sat down with Andrew. Before I saw LinkedIn as another social network, after training with Andrew, it has helped me grow my contacts and drive more business. Highly recommend him." - Karen Sibindi

Learn How To Use The Power Of LinkedIn In Your Business

Online Course Investment: £197


LinkedIn Course

Presented by one of the world’s leading authorities on digital and social media, this comprehensive online LinkedIn course will show you exactly how to position you and your business on this platform to generate new leads, open new doors and grow your business. Learn How To Use LinkedIn effectively to promote your business on this fast growing professional network.  

£197.00 GBP