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Learn How To Raise Funds Online For Any Idea, Project Or Service Using The Power Of Crowdfunding

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Join us on this comprehensive Crowdfunding course where you will learn all you need to know to set up and manage your own Crowdfunding campaign. This course will teach you everything you need from; what type of Crowdfunding is best suited to your idea to exactly what you need to do on your launch day, all whilst building a fan base for your idea or business.

Crowdfunding Raised $34 Billion in 2015

No-one has come out with definite figures for 2016 as yet but past studies show that it is more than doubling each year.  By the end of 2016, the overall crowdfunding industry was on track to account for more total funding than the average annual investment from the venture capital industry. The World Bank has predicted $90B by 2020 but as things are going it will go way past that.

CrowdFunding is a new form of non-traditional finance that is raising hundreds of millions in the UK every year for businesses. It is an old concept given new life with the internet. This has now become a huge trend benefitting any person, startup or business looking for ways to unlock funding for new and innovative projects benefiting not only the project creators but those they serve as well.

This is a new source of available cash. Crowdfunding by definition is actually asking a crowd of people to donate or invest a defined amount of money for a specific cause or project in exchange for various rewards. This allows businesses ideas and startups to get going quickly and without having to take out a loan.

Existing business can also take advantage of these platforms to expand without having to sell equity in their business. Many ideas are now being made possible with the power of Crowdfunding that would not get traditional funding.

However ... 7 out of 10 people don't know what Crowdfunding is all about! 

The Crowdfunding scene is becoming more complex with each passing year. Besides new Crowdfunding platforms emerging every week there are a plethora of support services also coming on stream so without professional assistance and guidance, it is very difficult to know where to start or how to do this properly.

However, in amongst all this change, the fundamental success factors remain the same for both those raising and/or investing in campaigns. Setting yourself up correctly and following a tried and tested launch strategy is the SINGULAR most important success factor to running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

What To Expect During This Course  

 EXPERT tuition, guidance and insider tips for setting up and running your own Crowdfunding campaign … even with no prior experience.

 Discover the EXACT FACTORS you need to have in place for your idea to appeal to the crowd and how to build them into your campaign properly.

 STRATEGIES to determine how much money you can raise and exactly what you need to take into account to set your ideal amount.

 The ESSENTIAL components you need for a successful crowdfunding campaign page.

The EXACT components for 'great' campaign rewards and post-campaign considerations.

How to PROTECT your idea from being ripped off 

You Will Also Discover ... 

How to build, grow and engage a crowd long before you launch your campaign. The size and responsiveness of your crowd determine how much you can set as a target for your campaign. REMEMBER … The secret to Crowdfunding is in the name!  If you do not have an engaged crowd you cannot go Crowdfunding. It is as simple as that. Strangers do not fund crowdfunding campaigns.

Course Modules Breakdown

 - Potential of Crowdfunding
- 4 main Types of Crowdfunding
- Best Crowdfunding Websites
- Pros and Cons to Crowdfunding
- Future Trends of Crowdfunding

- Case Studies
- The 'Perfect' Campaign Page
- Perfecting your Story
- Video Shoot and Script
- Campaign Rewards
- Setting your Target

- Top Crowdfunding Campaign Tools
- Crowd Building
- Email List Building
- Social Media Strategy
- Traffic Generation Tools
- Influencer Research

- What to do on Launch Day
- Media Kit/Room
- Press, PR and Journalists
- Stretch Goals
- Inventory and Fulfilment
- Post Campaign Checklist

About Your Instructor

Anthony Lovell de Souza is a Crowdfunding advisor, campaign strategist, teacher, author and presenter and has been involved in Crowdfunding for the past 5 years. He is Editor and Publisher of his own online interactive magazine called Crowdfunding Focus which is available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Anthony has delivered more than 80 workshops, talks and radio interviews on Crowdfunding to start-ups, existing businesses and charities. His background is in digital marketing where he has assisted over 800 business go online and expand their presence online.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anybody with an idea who wants to use Crowdfunding as a way to raise funds 
  • Start-Ups wishing to launch a business and wanting to know if their crowd likes their idea.
  • Existing business owners wishing to grow and expand their business
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to test out a new product or service
  • A Charity or Non-Profit wanting to try out a new way to unlock funding from their current supporter base  

Study this course online now:  £197

EVENT LOCATION: Darling Buds Farm, Kent

Darling Buds Farm, Kent

Course Duration: The course runs from 9.30 am to 5 pm approx. Please make sure you arrive at the course venue no later than 08:45hrs, registration opens at 8.30 am.

Course Venue: Darling Buds Farm, Tuesnoad Lane (off Pluckley Road), Bethersden, Kent TN26 3EQ Accommodation: is available on site if required, you can call reservations on: 01233 226222

Refreshments: Teas and coffees will be supplied during the course. However, please ensure you bring a packed lunch with you on the day as there are no shops within the vicinity of the farm.

Crowdfunding Course

Crowdfunding is an emerging popular online concept that anyone can use to raise money for any project or idea. Existing business can also take advantage of these platforms to expand without having to sell equity in their business. Many ideas are now being made possible with the power of Crowdfunding that would not get traditional funding. In this online course, your instructor Anthony Lovell de Souza will take you through all you need to know to successfully set up a Crowdfunding campaign.

£197.00 GBP